June Lake Day 18

Hello Everyone,

Tonight I am laying in my tent again sending you an update on my trek, day 18, Monday, April 28.

I actually enjoy crawling into the tent at the end of the day as it has become familiar and cozy for me, like getting in my bed at home. It gives me a chance to lay down and relax while I write my update. Tonight is even better because I can hear the sound of the creek, since it’s only about six feet away. It is a small creek that is heavily wood and hopefully well protected from any wind that may come up. It is really pretty and the nicest site that I’ve camped in yet. It is about 400 yards off of US 395, and just south of Aberdeen Station Road.

Today I trekked 15.29 miles in 5 hours and 52 minutes Yesterday I made 15.99 miles from Lone Pine to Independence in 6 hours and 35 minutes, but the time is really unimportant.

I had a fairly uneventful day today as compared to yesterday. Still, it was a nice day to walk and look around at things I only see flash by as I am driving in a speeding car. I had a very late start this morning because I stayed out so late visiting and starving. I was a little upset at myself for getting up so late, but had to remind myself that this is what the trek is all about, experiencing and meeting people too. I really enjoyed talking with Erik last night and actually would have stayed up longer in retrospect.

I had to ask the owner of the motel to let me into the room last night because I lost the room key. I felt bad because it was a nicely engraved brass plate with the motel and room number, not your typical cheap key ring. I retraced my steps this morning and it took me back to my French waiter from last night. I asked him if he had resolved his woman problems, and with his very thick French ascent told me, “yes, it’s fine for now, but women are always problems.”

I then went to the mini market and asked the guy at the counter, with the middle eastern accent, if they had found the key. Then went to the Subway and asked the woman, with the Filipino accent, if she had found the key. Does anyone in this town not have an accent?

Oh yes, Jeannie, born and raised in Independence. I stopped by a little restaurant a few people had recommended, Jeannie’s Cafe and Bakery. It’s at the end of town in what looks like an old bank building. Jeannie greeted me with a warm welcome at the door. I told her I just wanted a couple of her home made muffins I had heard about. I asked her how long she had been in Independence? That did it, she proceeded to tell me her life’s story, like many small town people tend to do. I think it’s because they are proud of their little towns and want to tell everyone about it. She was born and raised here. She went to college in Irvine and got an undergraduate degree and then a masters. She can back after college and worked for Inyo County as an educational administrator for the juvenile detention center. She is 54, retired, and always wanted to have a restaurant in town. Now where in our big cities do you get that kind friendly info from someone in five minutes. It like it!

My walk went well today, with some gradual uphills, and no real steep grades. The temperature was in the mid 70s and there was no real wind. My Wheelie seemed heavier  today, but I know it’s all psychological because I made the mistake of weighing it yesterday. I had guessed that it weighed between 60-70 pounds. I was wrong, it weighs about 82 pounds with one gallon of water and my two other drink bottles. With the second gallon, which I had for most of the trip, it adds more than eight pounds. I am glade I didn’t know that from the beginning, but now I see why I struggled at times on those steep hills.

I made it more than half way to Big Pine today and am thankfully that I found this nice camp site. I am about 12 miles from Big Pine and I should easily make that tomorrow, so long as there are no buts?

Hope to update you tomorrow.

Best wishes to all, and please keep sending me your good thoughts, blessings, and prayers,


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