January 4, 2017


It’s been over two months since I completed the CVDLP and I have been sitting home resting and doing absolutely nothing, which is what the doctor has recommended for me. As it turned out the pain in my knee was worse than I thought. I saw a orthopedic surgeon two days after I got home and he ordered a MRI, which showed that I had numerous fractures at the top of my tibia at the knee. The meniscus and cartilage at the ends of the tibia and femur are also damaged. He was amazed that I was walking, let alone over six hundred miles with the fractured.

He has recommended that I rest and reframe from any extensive walking, and to walk with a cane until it possibly heals. An alternative was to have surgery, which would not necessarily be better or even speed up the healing faster than rest. I am also looking into stem cell procedures, which have been showed to be very successful but still considered experimental and not covered by insurance.
My plans to trek the length of New Zealand this month has obviously been put on hold, with much disappointment. I will miss the desired weather timeframe and may put it off until either their fall or next spring? I hope to heal soon and will then continue trekking wherever I can until then. I didn’t let a little back issue stop me, so a little knee injury won’t stop me either.

Thanks for all your support. And, as always, best wishes, Ted 

For those of you locally, there will be a story about my trekking in the Ventura County Star this Saturday, January 7, 2017.

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